«Щоб осягнути світ, я змушений його безперерервно відтворювати…»

In order to understand the world, I have to reproduce it incessing.

“Малюючи, створюється система речей, котрим дозволено бути побаченими. Це, наче дивитися через отвори трафарету-витинанки, коли те, що невидиме зв’язане між собою, а видиме начебто ні…”
“By painting a system of things is created that is allowed to be seen. It’s like looking through the holes of a stencil when what is invisible is connected, and what is visible is not …”

Serhiy Savchenko

Born 1972 in Lviv, Ukraine.
In 1991 graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named by I. Trush.
1998 graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts.

Works in the field of painting, drawing, photography, video, animation, street sculpture, object.
Ex Curator of residencies program in Museum of Ideas in Lviv, Ukraine
Participates in international residencies, workshops, and art events in Ukraine and worldwide.
Founder of the Savchenko Gallery  and Savchenko Foundation in Gdansk, Poland.
Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine and Gdansk, Poland

Selected solo exhibitions:
1994 Museum of Ethnography, Lviv, Ukraine;
1996 Lviv Historical Museum, Ukraine;
Gallery “Sparkasse”, Bad Leonfelden, Austria;
Lviv Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine;
Gallery «RDCV» Prague, Czech Republic;
1997 Gallery”«Laurier”, Toronto, Canada;
«Pavlovsky Arts and Crafts», Utrecht, Netherlands;
1998 “Gallery-36”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1999 “Gallery-36″, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2000 “Black-transparent”, «Gallery–36, Kyiv, Ukraine;
Gallery ‘Appia”, Grenoble, France;
2001 “Gallery-36”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
Gallery “Galia”, Bordeaux, France;
2002 Gallery «Dzyga Lviv, Ukraine;
Gallery “Galia”, Bordeaux, France;
Gallery “Appia”, Grenoble, France;
“Gallery-36”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Gallery-68”, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2003 “The Laurier Gallery”, Toronto, Canada;
“Maritime Gallery”, Odesa, Ukraine;
2004 “Photo-paintings”, Gallery «Dzyga, Lviv, Ukraine;
Gallery “Appia”, Grenoble, France;
Gallery «Quedar”, Strasbourg, France;
“Maritime Gallery”, Odessa, Ukraine;
“Gallery-36”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Gallery-68”, Copenhagen, Denmark;
“Peace and colour art Gallery”, London, United Kingdom.
2005 Gallery “Dzyga” Lviv, Ukraine;
Gallery “A-House”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Drawings from the land”, Gallery «Maritime, Odesa, Ukraine;
“Gallery-68”, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2006 Gallery “Appia”, Grenoble , France;
“Peace and colour art Gallery”, London, United Kingdom;
«Gallery-68, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2007 Gallery “E.M.”, Kollum, Netherlands;
Gallery “Tryptych”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
Gallery “Dzyga”, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Peace and colour art Gallery”, London, United Kingdom;
“Maritime Gallery”, Odessa, Ukraine;
Gallery “Arte plurali” , Audincourt, France;
“Gallery-68”, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2008 “Big Red Mama”, Gallery “Volga”, Moscow, Russia;“New Works”,
Gallery “Kunst-und Kulturraum” , Zürich, Switzerland;
Gallery “A-House”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Chorus”, Gallery “Bottega”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Peace and colour art Gallery,” London, United Kingdom;
“Chorus”, Gallery «Volga, Moscow, Russia;
“Prints”, Gallery «Maritime, Odesa, Ukraine;
Gallery “Appia”, Grenoble, France;
“Gallery–68”, Copenhagen, Denmark;
2009 “Lisova-44”, Gallery “Tryptych”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Graphic works”, Gallery “Nine by Five”, Fremantle, Australia;
“Landscapes”, “Gallery -68″, Copenhagen, Denmark;
“New works”, «Peace and colour gallery”, London, United Kingdom;
Gallery “In art”, Berlin, Germany;
Gallery “Volga”, Moscow, Russia;
2010 “Day of Knowledge”, Gallery «Green Sofa”, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Ethno”, Gallery “Tryptych”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2011 “Paintings”, Gallery «Uzhgorod”, Uzhgorod, Ukraine;
“School fiction”, Gallery «Detenpula, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Back to color”, Gallery «Tryptych-art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2012 Solo exhibition with Ustym Fedko in Casa de Teatro, Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic;
“Paintings of Serhiy Savchenko”, Regional Art Museum in Khmelnyckyy, Ukraine;
2013 “Process and Matter”, «Scherbenko art centre, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Serhiy Savchenko, paintings”, Gallery Tryptych Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2014“Intimacy”, Gallery «Tryptych-Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Intimacy”, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Intimacy”, Gallery Red Black, Kaniv, Ukraine;
2015 “Erotica in landscapes” by Serhiy Savchenko, “From pragmatism of Malevich to Godless case” by  Alyaksandr Zabavchik. Gallery “Anarkhia”, Kopavogi, Iceland;
“Earth” – Graphic, Paintings. Gallery Tryptych Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Not My Shadow, Not my Body?”, Gallery “Ye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine;
“Le Gens”, Gallery «Hebert, Grenoble, France;
2016 “Dispersion”, Gallery Tryptych Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;“Public Relations” Serhiy Savchenko & Coproduction, Gallery MEF, Izola, Slovenia;
“Author Project”. VlodKaufman & Serhiy Savchenko. In the frame of Week of Actual Art in Lviv,
”Leminarium, Lviv Art Palace, Lviv, Ukraine
2017 “That will never come..” , Kamila Bednarska &Serhiy Savchenko, Gallery Tryptych Art,Kyiv, Ukraine,
“Returning with the arrow”, Plac Izolanov, Izola, Slovenia
«Serhiy Savchenko and the enduring resistance of vision. «White World Gallery, Kyiv,Ukraine,
2018 “Savchenko”, Galerie “Hebert”, Grenoble, France
“Selected histories”,”Moko-towska” Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2019 “Ruin And Reproduction” by Serhiy Savchenko and “Dying Warriors” by Erik Mai, “Savchenko Gallery,” Gdansk, Poland;
“You are what you look at”, Savchenko Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
2020  Kamila Bednarska/ Serhiy Savchenko “As  compensation for us love remains …” , Savchenko Gallery, Gdansk
2021,”Disinfected”, Art project by Olena Dats’ and Serhiy Savchenko, Olena Dats’ Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Untouchable/recitation of silences”, Bednarska/Savchenko, Akatlar Cultural Centre, Istanbul, Turkey;
“You are what you look at #2”, solo exhibition, Savchenko Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

2022- People, Wars and the Animals, Musum of ideas, Lviv, Ukraine.

Selected group exhibitions:
1992  Lviv Picture Gallery , Lviv, Ukraine;
1993 Art Gallery named after A. Sheptitskiy, Lviv, Ukraine;
Gallery Sparkasse, Rohrbach, Austria;
“Spring 93”, National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine;
1995 “Club of Ukrainian Artists”, Prague, Czech Republic;
“Lviv’s Signatures” «OR-Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“3-d International Symposium of Art Glass”, Lviv, Ukraine;
1996 “Art club”, Khmelnytsky Art Museum, Ukraine;
“Hutir-II”, Khmelnytsky-Lviv, Ukraine; “Art-Fair”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
1997 Gallery «UCAF, Toronto, Canada; First International Gallery, Charlotte, USA;
“Proposition”, Museum of Ethnography, Lviv, Ukraine;“Autumn Salon”, Lviv National Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine;
1998 “Robinzonada”, Khmelnytsky Art Museum, Ukraine;“Europe’Art”, Geneva, Switzerland;
Triennial of painting, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Vysokyy Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Art Fair”, Rotterdam, Netherlands;
1999 “International Art Festival”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2000 “Kunsthalle Austria Bank”, Vienna, Austria;
Gallery «Persona, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“East-West”, Gallery «City-N, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2001 “Force line”, Gallery «City-N, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine;
“International exhibition”, «Todayji Temple, Nara, Japan;
2003 “Silver Square”, Przsemysl, Poland;
“Bacchanal of painting”, Gallery «Marina, Odesa, Ukraine;
2004 “International painting Symposium”, Zelwa, Poland;
“Marina-2004”, Gallery «Maritime, Odesa, Ukraine;
2005 “International Salon of Independent Artists”, Paris, France;
“Art Ireland” , Dublin, Ireland, (by Gallery «Art Master);
2006 “Art Karlsruhe, International Art Fair”, Karlsruhe, Germany, (by Gallery «Triptych-Art);
“Art Ireland”, Dublin, Ireland, (by Gallery «Art Master);
“Art International Zurich”, Zurich, Switzerland;
“Art Kyiv” , Kyiv, Ukraine;
“The International Art Fair”, Puro Arte-vigo
2006 “Chelsea Art Fair”, London, United Kingdom, (by Gallery «Art Master);
“Art Ireland, Spring Collection”, Dublin, Ireland, (by Gallery «Art Master);
“Art Gratz, Akzenta Gratz”, Austria ,(by Gallery “In Art”);
“Art Metz”, Metz, France, (by Gallery “In Art”);
“Berlin Liste”, Berlin, Germany, (by Gallery “In Art”);
“Art International Zurich”, Zurich, Switzerland, (by Gallery “In Art”);
“Invitation on Akt”, Gallery “Tryptych-Art”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2009 “Sea-Ocean”, Municipal Gallery “Lavra”, Kyiv, Ukraine;
“Contemporary Istanbul”, Istanbul, Turkey, (by Gallery «Tryptych-Art);
“Other” art project with Olexiy Khoroshko, Gogol fest, Kyiv, Ukraine, (by “Bottega” gallery)
2011 “Process and Matter” Olexiy Khoroshko & Serhiy Savchenko
Gallery “in Art”, Berlin , Germany;
“Christmas Paralononormal phenomenon”, «Museum of Ideas”, Lviv, Ukraine;
2013 “New Art Fair”, “Gallery-73” ,Paris, France;
International Art Competition “Art Revolution Taipei”, Taipei, Taiwan;
2014 “Spanish-Ukrainian exhibition of paintings”, Gallery “Cartel”, Malaga, Spain;
2015 Festival “Parcour del’art”, project “Intimacy”, “Maison Jean Villard”, Avignon, France;
Festival “Parcour del’art”, project “Animation by Coproduction”, “Maison Jean Villard”, Avignon, France;
“Earth that…”, K. Bednarska, S. Savchenko, M. Uchman, O. Khoroshko, «Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine;
“L’art fait Face”, «Maison De Internacional, Grenoble, France;
“Mur Art”, Rzeszow, Poland;
“First International Festival of printmakers”, Museum of Ukrainian Paintings, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine;
2016 “Author Project”. VlodKaufman & Serhiy Savchenko. In the frame of Week of Actual Art in
Lviv, pilot project ”Leminarium, Lviv Art Palace, Lviv, Ukraine
“Intimates”, Kamila Bednarska & Serhiy Savchenko, Novica, Poland;
Gewalt, Macht, Herrcher, Kunstpreis Worpswede 2016, Berlin, Germany
“JPS” ( Jump Point Search) Ukrainian-Polish group art project, installation of street miniature,
Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine,
2017 5-th Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art, video-animation “Yych-1” & Yych-2, Odesa,
Ukrainian Modern Graphic (Ukrajinski Moderno Crtez), Gallery “Zvonimir”. Zagreb, Croatia;
“Equally different”, art project by “Art-huss”,
Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2020 Trisiti###3, festival of PrintScreen, Savchenko, Gallery, Gdansk Akademy of Arts, tuBaza, Gdansk, Poland
2021 New Jorg Gallery, Group exhibition, Kalmthout, Belgium
“New icon”, exhibition of contemporary icons, presentation of installation “, Meeting/Transfiguration” (painting, video).
18-th Warszaw Art Fair, presented by Savchenko Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

“Unselected Stories”,  Serhiy Savchenko, Graphic works, Malbork Centre Culture  and Education Nova Gallery, Malbork, Poland.

Art residences & symposiums:
2007 International Art symposium “Valmiera-2006”, Latvia;
2010 International Art symposium “Zelwa”, Zelwa, Poland;
2012 Residence “Red Gate”, Beijing, China;
Residence “d’Clinic”, Lendava, Slovenia;
Residency project “Ukrainian residence”, Slavsko, Ukraine,
2013 International Art symposium “Slovenia odprta za umietnost 2013”, Sinij Vrh, Slovenija;
International Art symposium “V kregu pogranicza” , Jablonka, Poland, (by Gallery «Marzenie);
International Art symposium, Olhon island, Irkutsk, Russia, (by Gallery «Art Dias);
International Art symposium on «Knyazha Hora, Kaniv, Ukraine;
2015 International Art symposium “Slovenia odperta za umetnost-2015”, Sinji Vrh, Slovenia;
2016 International Art symposium,Novica, Poland;
International Art symposium, Mallnitz, Austria;
International art symposium in Gallery «Chervone chorne”, Kaniv, Ukraine;
“XXI International Symposium of Paintings Lancut-Orelec”, Lancut, Poland, (by Gallery Marzenie);
Polish-Ukrainian International group art project, “Intimate Portrait”, (co-curator);
2017 “Scifia”, the art symposium by White World gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
art residence by Catena, “Roots project”, Berlin, Germany
Polish-Ukrainian International group art project residency, “Intimate Autoportrait”;
2018 Art residence “Pirosmani project”, Tbilisi, Alvani, Georgia,
Art residence by Catena, Lviv, Slavsko, Ukraine,
2019 Art residence by Catena, “Cinema and identity”, Berlin, Germany
Istanbul Artist Residency, Istanbul;
2020,Rebart-simposium, Possnitz, Austria.
2020 Participation in BAIR Buccara art residence project.
Istanbul Artist Residency -2020, Istanbul, Turkey.
Performances, projects, and installations:
2001 Festival “Spring wind”, installation “Angel road” with I.Tverdun, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2006 International Art Symposium “Valmiera-2006, the installation «S.N.I.S.T. (Sounds and Not
Important Small Things)”, Latvia;
2007 “Transformation of classical Avantgarde”, performance with V. Kaufman “Noc Kultury”,
Lublin, Poland;
2008 Lviv Fashion Week, conceptual project “FIELD” with V. Kaufman, Expo center «Lemberg, Lviv, Ukraine;
2009 “Other” with O. Khoroshko, Week Of Actual Art in Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine;
“Other” with O. Khoroshko, Gogol Fest, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2009-2017- “Three-angel” street installation, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine
2016 “JPS” ( Jump Point Search) Ukrainian-Polish group art project, installation of street
miniature, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine,
Week Of Actual Art in Lviv, pilot project “Leminarium” with V. Kaufman and S. Savchenko,
Lviv National Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine;
2020 Istanbul Artist Residency -2020, Istanbul, Turkey.

Curated and Co-curated events:
2007-2014 International Art Symposiums “Chervone-Chorne ”, «Knyazha Hora, Kaniv, Ukraine,
2011 Art project “Christmass Paralononormal phenomenon”  Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine,
Art weekend “Galagany”, Kyiv, Ukraine;Ukrainian-Polish International group art project, “JPS”
(Jump Point Search), installation of street miniature, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine
2018 Art residence by Catena, Lviv, Slavsko, Ukraine,
2019 Art residence by Catena, «Cinema and identity, Berlin, Germany

Stage design:
2017 “Garden of divine songs Wedding” – Lviv Municipal Theater,
Artistic Research and Educational Center “Word and Voice”, Lviv, Ukraine.
“Lungs”, Lviv Academical Theater by Les Kurbas; Lviv, Ukraine
“Kruten’”, First young theater of Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine
2020  Stage design on performance “Yiddish prince “ Teatr Atelier im. Agnieszki Osieckiej w Sopocie

Awards and honors:
1997 Certificate of recognition; European Art, section Austria. European Academy of Arts, Linz,Austria
Diploma, “Vysokyy zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine;
1998 Diploma, “Vysokyy zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine,
1999 Certificate of recognition; European Art, section Austria. European Academy of Arts, Linz,Austria;
Silver Medal and Certificate, European Art, section Austria. European Academy of Arts, Linz, Austria;
2001 4-th premium, Painting Triennial, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2008 First premium, “Vysokyy zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine;
2012 Winner of competition by «d’Clinic art residence, Lendava, Slovenia;

Public collections:
Ukrainian Museum of Fine Art, Kyiv, Ukraine;
KMC “Dzyga”, Lviv, Ukraine;
Khmelnickyy State Regional Art Museum, Khmelnyckyy; Ukraine,
Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art named after Korsak,
”Chervone-Chorne”, Kyiv, Kaniv, Ukraine

Book design:
2000 “Dog and his friends on the moon” Heorhiy Khymych,
(2nd award of the Book of the Year-2000 National Contest) publisher: a-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha;
2012 “Protoplastykon” poetry of Piotr Bussold (BUSSI)