“As compensation for us, love remains …”

Kamila Bednarska/ Serhiy Savchenko “As compensation for us, love remains …”   Scientific materialism and progress have challenged the foundations of all traditional religions, but from today’s perspective, it is clear that no society can exist without religion. All hopes for a synthesis of science and religion have been shattered by the apparent death of […]

Ruin and reproduction

“War destroys and wipes out any kind of individuality. Savchenko’s paintings are about the city’s recognizable landscape that is transformed into a monotony of ruins that has no personality anymore. This is symbolic and inherent in today’s world: demolishing and equalizing personality as such. From a conversation with the artist Olena Turyanska Ruin is a […]


“Пристрасть, смуток, сором та любов” (П.С.С.Л.) Цемент, текстиль, дерево 2017 “Passion, Sorrow, Shame and Love.” (“P.S.S.L.”) concrete, fabric, woods, 2017


War is a state of armed conflict between societies. It is generally characterized by extreme aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces. An absence of war is usually called “peace”. Warfare refers to the common activities and characteristics of types of war, or of wars in general.Total war is warfare that is […]

that will never come…

“What made the artist,  there is only one reason.To never repeated. This is something that never comes .. ” s.s. «Те, що зроблене  художником, з’являється тільки з однієї причини. Щоб більше  ніколи не повторюватися. Це те, що ніколи не настане ..» c.c Kamila Bednarska & Serhiy Savchenko Gallery “Tryptych Art”  12.0432017-25.04.2017    


  “Dispersion is an idea with several meanings…”  Wikipedia There is nothing more senseless then overpersuade someone about your own necessity. There is no senseless overpersuasion in your own necessity. When nothing is needed your own overpersuasion is senseless. Your own senselessness is more needed that someone`s overpersuasion in an absence. There is no need […]

LEM, letters to…

Letters to … Листи до… Для того, щоб пізнати неосяжне, ми мусимо сміливо припускати  й висловлювати гіпотезу будучи впевненими ми впевненні в її існуванні. Мені хочеться припустити, що існує мова, у котрій не повторюється жодна літера, слово чи речення. Так,ми можемо припустити, що усі складові цієї мови можуть бути подібні, як морські хвилі, листя на […]

p and m

Process & Matter Art project of Olexiy Khoroshko & Serhiy Savchenko Process and Matter Painting, sootgraphyrafy, video Material: oil on canvas, soot, foam rubber Conception: Process and matter; catharsis of matter – limit direction. From the restriction of freedom of conscious nature of matter. From the intuitive control process to the objective fact of reality. […]


OTHER Serhiy Savchenko-paintings Olexiy Khoroshko- media object The philosophy of the project: “I need other, to entirely understand all the structures of my existence.” J. P. Sartre The concept of project : Coexistence of paint, screens and mirror surfaces medias, is an offer for the destruction of sustainable physical understanding of existing space – to […]