OTHER Serhiy Savchenko-paintings Olexiy Khoroshko- media object The philosophy of the project: “I need other, to entirely understand all the structures of my existence.” J. P. Sartre The concept of project : Coexistence of paint, screens and mirror surfaces medias, is an offer for the destruction of sustainable physical understanding of existing space – to […]


The series of paintings inspired by works of Francisco Goya. the colors of the middle ages and actual problems of the contemporary  world…    Intimacy. Sleep, fear, thoughts, intuition, memory. Intimacy – hidden in a corner of reality. Intimacy – a cavity in a system of personal essence. Intimacy -a mystery that is continuously transformed. […]


“Three-angel”  plastic -installation   by Serhiy  Savchenko. Material  –  steel. 1200 / 800 / 300 cm Instalation situated in the  center of City  on Valova str.18, Lviv, Uktraine.   Created  by support  of  Museum  of  Ideas    in Lviv.  Author  of  idea: Serhiy Savchenko,  Created by : Oles Dzyndra  and  Volodymyr  Magorivski.    the   […]