eruptions / drops

Process and matter, rationalisation and intuition, plan and actuality – lead to an understanding of the fields of author and viewer. Eruptions are meditative layers, catharsis of matter.

The ratio of the artificial and spontaneous is a controlled process of natural inevitability. Iconographic images that reveal themselves under the influence of gravity, a color flow of information compressed into a single stream.  The reconciliation process and the matter..

This series of works is a kind of multimedia objects and is already the end result of the main action that takes place during their creation. That is why I almost always shoot a video when the oil paint is still wet «alive», making its way through the acrylic already hardened skin. Instantly, when the paint finds its way out, I often find it important. Later, the process of creating a future work composition is equally interesting. Because even after the matter of the paint determines itself on the plane of the painting, it is often very interesting after drying. These «eruptions» seem to reveal their true essence and verify the picture not as a flat surface, but as a body, with all its inner layers.


Eruptions on the expositions.