“Universal loneliness is a modern collective drama that remains incurable. Compensation for love is oppression that aims to prevail, to bring balance, to swing the scales in the other direction.
Serhiy Savchenko in a conversation with Olena Grabb. Gdańsk – Istanbul, September 2020

Greek cosmogenic theory states that our universe arose from chaos. Chaos contained the absolute of all dichotomies and opposites, integrity, and separation. In the period of Chaos, all antagonists existed simultaneously, because they did not know such a concept as time. Chaos is divided into two basic elements – earth and light and eternal darkness. The third fundamental element of cosmogony was Eros. Aristotle and Plato argued that it was Eros who became the force that united the antagonists and brought them out of the passive state of allegorical Being into the active state of Creation and therefore of joint creativity. This is how life was born.
In a series of works by Serhiy Savchenko “Kiss”, universal loneliness is a passive state of Being as opposed to the active state of Creation. The kiss of Eros, the touch, the communion is contrasted with disunity, coldness, eternal incurable darkness in the hope that Eros, by the power of his primordial love, which we will later see in all without exception, religious, philosophical and mystical treatises of humanity, will revive us from chaos.

Olena  Grabb
MAAB Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Exhibition in Savchenko Gallery, Gdansk  25.09.2020-2510.2020

Kamila Bednarska/ Serhiy Savchenko “As compensation for us, love remains …”

“Scientific materialism and progress have challenged the foundations of all traditional religions, but from today’s perspective, it is clear that no society can exist without religion. All hopes for a synthesis of science and religion have been shattered by the apparent death of matter, vanity, and cruelty that cannot be stopped from spreading. Religion and science are autonymous with each other and attempts to combine them may have irreversible consequences for the individual. But there is still love for all of this. ”
Michel Houellebecq, “Elementary parts”

360-degree view of the exhibition.