process and matter

Process & Matter

Art project of
Olexiy Khoroshko & Serhiy Savchenko
Process and Matter

Painting, sootgraphyrafy, video
Material: oil on canvas, soot, foam rubber

Process and matter; catharsis of matter – limit direction.
From the restriction of freedom of conscious nature of matter.
From the intuitive control process to the objective fact of reality.
Planned direction sets subject.
Repeat of chances, leading to a systematic form and vice versa.

about project:

The process and matter.
“Intuitive conceptualism”

The project includes works by famous Ukrainian artists Oleksiy Khoroshko and Serhiy Savchenko.
The works of both artists united by one theme – the existence of matter (material) in the process and the existence process in the matter.
The artist consciously chooses material (matter) to create their own images, but the process of creation leads to a balance of liberty and by natural essence of matter. Art work in all cases is the result of interaction between these two important concepts. Process and matter, rationalization and intuition, plan and case – lead to extensive understanding of the field the author and viewer.
Oleksiy Khoroshko experiments for many years and works in technique fumegraphy. This is a special author’s technique which basis is to investigate the properties of fire.
His works have drawn by fire. It traces the fire in a fantastic patterns arranged in mega-system signs and hints.
Serhiy Savchenko works in oil and acrylic painting. His monumental planes of oil emails and varnish united in the expressive mix and erupt in rapid volumetric texture verticals. Pure virgin white canvas area littered with intuitive drawings-simbols contrasting with the silhouette of colored spots of paint.
Space of trajectories fire lines and author plan of Oleksiy Khoroshko, painting layers of living and arabesque figures of Serhiy Savchenko lead recipient in infinitely wide interpretative field.
Innovations approach to content based on the fundamental traditions of the Ukrainianavant-garde in the context of European culture can talk about a new word in the world of intuitive conceptualism.
Academic of Arts Center of Galician Contemporary Art. Marianne Popkins.

Process and  Matter  – Exposition in  Gallery In Art , Berlin, Germany 20,01,2011-30,03,2011