the garden of divine songs

“SAD” “The garden of divine songs” Lviv Municipal Theater, Artistic Research and Educational Center “Word and Voice”“The garden of divine songs”
is a theatrical project in progress,
its basis and purpose is a human’s testimony in time –the actor`s personal monologue through the
song – dance – text

«WEDDING» is the first performance of the project, it is built on the
material of traditional wedding songs of Ukraine.
WEDDINGis the oldest living ritual that holds
in itself change, the secret of the transitionto another quality – crossing“Sea of Reeds”
and it is a sign of time in which we live
WEDDING is theeternal blooming of the Earth

Actors: Nataliya Oleksiv, Yuliya Tarasovych,Solomiya Kyrylova, Olya Preobrazhenska,Nataliya Potovynka
Project author, director – Nataliya Potovynka
Stage design – Serhiy Savchenko
Assistant director – Yuliya Tarasovych
Light designer – Bohdan Dvornyk
Design of costume – Oksana Karavanska
Artistic director laureate of T. Shevchenko National Prize – Nataliya Polovynka



Photo for publication donated by “Slovo i Golos”