“Three-angel”  plastic -installation   by Serhiy  Savchenko. Material  –  steel. 1200 / 800 / 300 cm

Instalation situated in the  center of City  on Valova str.18, Lviv, Uktraine.   Created  by support  of  Museum  of  Ideas    in Lviv.  Author  of  idea: Serhiy Savchenko and Oles Dzyndra.  Created by:  Oles Dzyndra.   The  “Three-angel”  becomes  a  platform for free expression or different artists.  During last years  the number of artists realized theirs ideas on the installation.   It was  Olexiy Khoroshko, Vasyl Savchenko,  Serhiy Savchenko, Serhiy Petlyuk, Volodymyr Tomashevskyy, Bogdan Romanko, Ivan Cisar ,  unknown artists,and others…

Three-angel was exposed for  9 years, without any documentation from 2010 till 2019.  During  the fornight from 25 to 26-th of June 2019  it was destroyed and was taken to scrap metal by representors of one of the  Lviv churches.


Paintings  from  project Three-angel .