Serhiy Savchenko-paintings
Olexiy Khoroshko- media object
The philosophy of the project:
“I need other, to entirely understand all the structures of my existence.” J. P. Sartre
The concept of project :
Coexistence of paint, screens and mirror surfaces medias, is an offer for the destruction of sustainable physical understanding of existing space –
to identify the circumstances balancing between contemplation and observation of Myself and Others. Imagine OTHER inside myself, part of myself .
ā€œIā€, as identified at the bottom of OTHER
Description of project :
Media object: 8 metal prisms 200/80/56 cm,
4 mirrors, 4 plasma screens,
4 web cameras, 4 computers
Painting: 12 Paintings , oil on canvas 200/200cm
Sound : Polyphonic singing of Sardinia (cantu a concordu)


On expositions on Week of Actual Art, Lviv, Gogol fest, Kyiv, 2010 :