“That’s like the living ghost of an inmense country trapped in a permanent un-making…”
Antonio Luis Ramos Membrive

Painting, object, video, sound sculpture.
Materials: wood, oil, acrylic, refrigerator, video.
The project was created within the framework of the Scholarship for Cultural Creators of the Marshal of Pomeranian for 2022.
Supported by: Pracownia Twórcza Avokado and Savchenko Gallery.

All objects were created from waste from the production of wooden world maps.
When the laser cuts out the contours of a continent, island or country, there are always scraps of plywood. These scraps go to the trash, and then to recycling, or to the fireplace for kindling. Those pieces are left out. Or maybe they are those mysterious never-before-seen territories? I wanted to call them “Outlands.” S.S.

Sound sculpture “Donbas-time»
It consists of a refrigerator a specific design of the 70s of the “Donbas” brand. Outside, the refrigerator is lined with imaginary tourist magnets – symbolic pieces of wooden maps. From the middle, the sounds of the clock, which accelerates its rhythm, are heard permanently, until the alarming sound of the buzzer, which sends the viewer to the association of the signal of a stopped heart from a cardio logical machine. Immediately after the clock, the loud sound of a human heartbeat is turned on, which also turns into a stop-buzzer as it speeds up. The refrigerator can be opened, and when the door is opened, the sound becomes much louder and more disturbing. Inside the refrigerator, there is a monitor that constantly broadcasts video with continuous transformation of map parts. This object has a bunch of associative images, ranging from a mine with a clock mechanism to a kind of time machine, which keeps in its interior unceasing civilizational processes, which do not spoil due to what is in the refrigerator.

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Exhibition in Gallery “Dzyga” 08.10.2022 – 28.10.2022

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Outlands in Savchenko Gallery, Gdansk, Poland.

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